Turn your site data into actionable insights

Contilio is the first “real-time performance analytics and decision-making platform” for smart delivery of construction projects. With our revolutionary solution, make on-track the only reality your projects know.

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Real-time insights

Contilio’s ai-powered construction analytics platform for the first time turns your site data into real-time insights on installation quality, progress, performance KPIs and risks.

Installation Quality

Contilio - Installation Quality


Contilio - Progress

Performance KPIs

Contilio - Performance KPIs

Fixing the broken project

reporting cycle

Contilio Fixing the broken project reporting cycle

How it works


Our data acquisition partner regularly captures images and site scans.


Our world-first 3D machine learning engine automatically analyses progress, performance KPIs and risks.


Our analytics platform communicates and visualizes insights and integrates with schedule and BIM.

One source of truth for all stakeholders

Contilio’s revolutionary solution significantly improves your productivity, cashflow and delivery speed, making “on-track” your new norm.

  • Real-time reporting
    identity & react to inefficiencies with agility
  • Improved productivity, delivery speed & cashflow
    for all trades
  • High transparency and trust
    “one source of truth” for all stakeholders
  • Enhanced compliance & safety
    for all trades

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